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Liberation Reiki Certification and Training

Liberation Reiki Training centers an immersive and embodied approach toward energetic sovereignty. Rather than the typical day long or weekend long Reiki certifications, Liberation Reiki trainings invite an opportunity to truly commune with the energy and teachings over a period of 3 months. The intention is to step away from Reiki as a commercialized and colonized wellness intervention. The immersion experience offers the opportunity to learn, grow, and heal with a group of other folx on the same liberation centered journey. The 3 month immersion includes training and attunement at the Liberation Reiki I and Liberation Reiki II levels. 


True spiritual and energetic liberation emphasizes a deep knowing of self. Liberation Reiki level I training invites deep self exploration, uncovering of the ways we are impacted by and contribute to systems of oppression, and offers tools of self healing to begin the process of self liberation and energetic sovereignty.


We will explore the history of Reiki, including the ways colonization has influenced its practice in the west. Through cultivation of connection with our own ancestors and spiritual lineages we will move towards a decolonized energetic healing modality that is explicitly invested in the healing of BIPOC and queer folx while being open to white folx invested in engaging in anti-racism work and healing at an energetic level. The intention of Liberation Reiki is to help folx move towards individual sovereignty and collective liberation through a decolonial and antiracist lens. 

Liberation Reiki 2 builds upon that deep exploration of level 1 and invites consideration of what it means to help others heal energetic wounds and move toward liberation. We will explore ethics involved in being a Liberation Reiki Healing Practitioner and how to create liberatory healing spaces. At the end of the 3 month immersion, participants will have the ability to offer Liberation Reiki sessions for others. 

Training Schedule Details

  • Liberation Reiki 1+2 combined immersion experience over 3 months

  • Opening retreat weekend  Friday night, Saturday, Sunday mid-day (in person)

  • 2 virtual liberation reiki training experiences with the cohort (live online)​​

  • Closing weekend ritual and initiation (in person) 

  • One 1-1 meeting with Syre (live in person or online)

  • Investment:$1500 payment plans available


February 9, 10, 11 opening retreat weekend in person (Ypsilanti, MI)

February 25 (virtual)

March 24 (virtual)

April 12, 13, 14 closing weekend ritual and initiation in person (Ypsilanti, MI)

Interested in getting certified? REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Fill out the form below to contact Syre about registration.  

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